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About Emily Hirsh MS, RD, LDN

Emily Hirsch

Meet Emily Hirsch, your expert dietitian and dedicated guide to health and wellness. With over eighteen years of experience, Emily’s journey began at the University of Rhode Island, where she earned her undergraduate degree in dietetics, followed by a Master of Science with distinction in nutrition sciences from California State University, Chico.

Starting her career as a clinical dietitian in the bustling city of New York, Emily focused on providing compassionate care and medical nutrition therapy to patients in the Intensive Care and Critical Care Units. Alongside her hospital work, she contributed to “Heart and Health Reports”, a publication widely embraced by the city’s best cardiologists.

Transitioning to outpatient counseling and academia, Emily found her passion in empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives and has partnered with esteemed institutions like Queens University and the Cabarrus College of Health Sciences.

Beyond her clinical practice, Emily is a professional writer covering a wide variety of health and wellness topics. Emily is passionate about combing through the latest research and is uniquely poised to provide a wealth of evidenced-based information to her clients. She remains dedicated to bringing lackluster research to life by translating main research points into language that resonates with diverse audiences.

Emily brings compassion and a wide breadth of knowledge to her private practice clients. Her goal is to continue to bring sound nutrition information to help people to help improve the quality of their lives.

When not working, Emily can be found outdoors picnicking and hiking while taking in all of the vitamin O (oxygen) she can get with her husband and two children.

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Client Success Stories

"I can't thank Emily enough! After struggling with digestive issues for years, and countless doctor visits I finally found relief. She took the time to really understand my IBS symptoms and developed a plan to help manage my symptoms. I feel so grateful that I finally have my life back!"

    Brian S.

    South Charlotte Nutrition Client

    "As a working mom I always struggled to find time for meal planning and healthy eating. That's where Emily came in. Her down to earth, non-judgmental style allowed me to make some changes and together we created healthy meal plans without the stress. I’m so happy I found someone with her level of expertise and support."

      Nicole M.

      South Charlotte Nutrition Client

      "I highly recommend Emily to anyone looking to improve their health through better nutrition. Her nutrition knowledge and practical advice have helped me make important changes to my diet and lifestyle. Thanks to her guidance, I feel so much better, physically and mentally."

        Tracy H.

        South Charlotte Nutrition Client

        Emily Hirsch

        Writer, Women's Health Specialist and GI Health


        -University of Rhode Island, BS in Nutrition Sciences
        -California State University, Chico, MS in Nutrition Sciences


        -Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist by Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)
        -Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist by the State of North Carolina (LDN)

        Professional Experience

        -Clinical Dietitian, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital
        -Research Assistant, CSU, Chico
        -Outpatient Nutrition Coordinator, Phelps Memorial Hospital
        -Adjunct Instructor, Cabarrus College of Health Sciences
        -Owner, South Charlotte Nutrition
        -Writer, various health and wellness website, and continuing education courses for healthcare professionals.

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